Friday, 5 February 2010

Arduino Me!

The Arduino Mega clone from eBay for $43 (AUD) is on its way. Can't wait !

It's time to find some good reasons why assembly programming is better than dating:
  1. If your date is wrong, it's easy to fix.
  2. Working with multiple devices is ok, and even more fun when they discover each other.

Arduino. New. Based on reference design.
For sale for $1 plus postage.

Mach3 has a plug-in that uses a USB port as an output, though the Mach3 SDK is a bit wild, just like its user interface. I I'll write something myself in sweet clean C#. After all, I don't get to do this sort of thing at work anymore.

Considering the joys of Windows in the real(-time) world, there is no point messing around with PC-level interrupt management. Instead, the Arduino can handle clean time-management of signals to the driver stage. Conceptually it'll be like this:
  1. 3D Design application, (3ds MaxBlender, or SolidWorks) creates the actual object.
  2. Desktop application calculates paths (lines, arcs, bezier splines) and pushes these through the USB port "at leisure".
  3. Arduino calculates precise step timing signals.
  4. Driver stage (from eBay) moves stepper motors and manages microstepping.
G-Code might be nice for the PC to Arduino transfer via USB. It would be standards conforming but it may be more work. A thought for another day.

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