Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Ball Bearing Slides

Today I got my hands on two more ball bearing slides. These are 600mm in length and a nice addition to my collection of six 450mm slides. I might use the 600mm ones for the base (x-axis) and the others for the y and z axis.

New 600mm and old 450mm slides.

I am still not sure if I should rather go with aluminium rails and v-bearings. Right now, my exposure to ball bearings is zero. I need to find a shop that sells bearings for hobby projects. I'm not building a space telescope, nor do I buy in units of 1,000.

My 450mm slides had been used for an early prototype and they unfortunately collect plenty of dust. In fact, I am considering to disassemble and clean them, but then what kind of lubricant should I apply? I've got good old RP7 and some underwater grease for boats (argh!). Reading on the web about lubricants, it's a science.

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