Wednesday, 17 February 2010

eBay loves me

The last few days went into re-thinking the z-axis, and coming up with new designs for the x, and y axis. I think I'm having issues with the (perceived) lack of precision of the bearing slides and have to remind me that this is version 1 of the router, so pardon my mm. There is no doubt, though, that I'm currently descending into a kind of addiction to the project. Must remember to eat...

I continued to tinker with that engineering software, designing things in hours that with pen and pencil would have taken 15 minutes. But it's fun and it looks soooooo neat in the end. In any case, that software might serve as the design tool for when the router actually routes.

My Arduino arrived in the mail. Thanks to the miracle of eBay, these things can now be shipped around the world for less than a good sandwich.

Plug me in and turn me on !
Before you look your night is gone...

Tonight will be a bit of Arduino IDE playtime. Just hope I don't get distracted from the core objective. Ummm - blinking LED ? New universal remote control ? Remote control toy car turned into autonomous robot ? Or the almost mundane multi-channel interrupt-driven stepper motor controller ? Atmel here I come...

I received a couple of sample ball bearings from a colleague. They'll be a useful exercise to mount something and make it turn. We'll see where it leads (or turns).

Also, my caliper arrived. It too has a purpose, beyond satisfying my need to buy 'technical bargains' on eBay.It boasts "0.01mm resolution", but that doesn't mean precision.

Hey look: 0.03mm missing ! OMG !

In any case, at these resolutions, even applying slightly different pressure while measuring will change the values. One neat thing is that - in theory - that beasty has a digital interface that could connect to - you guessed it - an Arduino. There is a chance it might serve as an active feedback mechanism for the CNC Router. However, at a total length of 150mm, it's a tad short. If nothing else, it'll sure be great at demonstrating what a lousy wood saw wrangler I am. Another use would be cnc router calibration. More on that once the router has actually been built. On that note,



justint said...

No dont you mean:

void loop()

Thomas, the Infinitely Wise said...


Looks like you know what you're talking about.

A safer way would be to use interrupts, so you're sure you get to beer.drink() regularly even when you're doing work.

justint said...

Yes very true but I will let you write that code.