Monday, 15 February 2010

Let my fingers do the walking...

Had some time today to call around for prices.

Ball Bearings
The good news is that the shops are quite helpful and are prepared to deal with hobby quantities. The bad news is they are a fair bit more expensive than online shopping.

For example, a common bearing id=12mm, od=28mm, w=8mm deep groove, rubber seal, pre-lubricated costs $9.80 each at BJ Bearings; $7.85 at Bearing Wholesalers. I can get a pack of 10 on eBay for around $24 including shipping from the US. That's $2.40 each. I'd need around 6 or 8 plus a craparoo buffer, so 10 would be good. eBay means waiting, but no driving around either.

Aluminum would be a good alternative to wood. Called AAA Aluminium to get an example quote for aluminium angles 50x50x4, 3500mm cut into lengths of 4x500mm and 2x750mm. Quote is $72.29. Argh !

I'll have a look at Bunnings and Pen's Hardware to compare.

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