Monday, 1 February 2010

Tightening my Nuts

After going to Bunnings yesterday and finding nothing useful, I went to Mitre 10 today. They're walking distance from my workplace, hence, convenient. A smallish outlet with employees who like to read newspapers, but they had some interesting bits and pieces. So, I found myself a couple of options of tightening a nut to a piece of wood.
Option 1 uses a bridge, tightened down with wood screws. Bolts would probably have been cleaner, but none at hand... This option will meet perfectly my "must be slim" requirement.

Option 1: Bridge

Option 2 uses a hose-clamp. Works as well, but just not as well. Also a bit clunky. Note that option 2 has a small groove in the wood to further stabilize the nut. I think the best solution will be to use the bridge of option 1 plus a small ridge in the wood.

Option 2: Hose-clamp.

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justint said...

The girls like the first choice but I think you should keep trying different options. JT