Sunday, 14 February 2010

Z-Axis Protoplasm

In the long ago, I used to build my own cupboard. Ever since, my dormant woodworking skills have gone downhill, probably due to alcohol and years of web browsing. Anyway, I spent the afternoon spreading sawdust through my garage and cut the pieces for the z-axis. A number of initial cuts were quite lousy, but I persisted and somehow it became passable. There are no screws in there yet, and I might make a few minor changes, but the general concept works.

z-axis v.0.01. The ruler is 400mm long.

The U-shaped "car" extends beyond the end of the rails, into the direction into which the slides contract (front left in the image above). This works out to be a more stable setup than pointing the car into the opposite direction as the slides move quite a bit once they are (partially) extended.

The U-shape stabilises the board's up-down-movement (up-down as in the image above). It also holds the Dremel Grip.

I will decrease the width of the Dremel Grip so it can fit between the two fences at the left and right. The top of the grip can then be mounted onto the fences.

z-Axis, view 2.

The base has 2 x 16mm guides on each side. I will screw them to the base board in A-B-fashion to minimise left-right-play. Not ideal. Maybe an aluminium angle might be a better choice.

Now, the same concept above applies to the y-axis. The main difference is that the car does not have any offset.

z-axis mimics y-axis: It will be the same design.

Also missing are the threaded bolts and, oh yes, stepper motor mounts and motors. But let's get the screws in first and verify the design...

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