Saturday, 21 August 2010

Electric Christmas

Stepper motors, drivers, breakout board and power supply arrived in the mail. I can't wait !

Delivery from ausxmods was quick. I had made the eBay purchase on Tuesday night and the package arrived Friday morning via registered mail through Australia Post, strangely, without a request for signature despite this Australia Post claim. Ummmh.

The items were well packaged, and everything promised was in the box. Notably, there is no documentation.

Nicely packaged, but small for the money :-) ...

3 Stepper motors and drivers in sight. PSU at top and breakout board at right. A first glimpse at what will keep me occupied...

Unloading the goods...
PSU, stepper motors, drivers, breakout board.

48V, 8.3A Power Supply. Made in Sep 2009.

The stepper motors are from MS-Motor. Their web site does not list that particular type number, nor any torque graphs. I guess the time of theoretical discourse is over and we'll just have to see how things work out.

A few months back I had contacted MS Motors directly for a quote. While the stepper motors were cheap (USD27 for a 24H290-28-4A), they had pretty steep shipping rates (USD98 for 3 motors) and I wasn't sure about warranty, insurance, shipping time frame. So, buy from your local importer...

And since you asked, wiring goes Black (A+), Green (A-), Red (B+), Blue (B-).

Stepper motors manufactured by MS-Motor.

I won't need the breakout board since I intend to go through my Arduino, but it might come in handy as a fall-back. It's well-designed, and surprisingly carries the copyright of Homann Designs, a company in Victoria, Australia.

The breakout board is (c) 2009 Homann Designs.

Finally, the GeckoDrive Gecko G251. Tiny, but well-designed. I'll be exciteeededeeeeed to see its top-speed. Documentation can be found here (pdf).

The Gecko G251 Driver by GeckoDrive.

Stop blogging now! Time to find that Arduino and get started.

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