Saturday, 11 September 2010

Imperial Anger

I spent quite some time today getting angry while shopping for fasteners, nuts, washers, etc. It turns out that Australia isn't all that metric as she claims, despite metrication in the 1970s. Grrrrrr!

So, it turns out that our good friend and supposed-to-be market leader Bunnings (no link here due to simmering anger) sells all sorts of 8/32" 16/598" 12/17" 385/7791" and whatelsewhocares, but I couldn't find anything zinc & metric.

Metric Please !

After searching for some time, I was approached by a staff member who, upon me stating what I was looking for, gave me a rather long speech about his own disappointment with Bunnings as the policy is "if it's metric, it's galvanized" (and still no great selection). Arrrrr.

Well, at least he suggested a nearby shop that would carry zinc-metric bolts. That was 11 minutes before that shop's closing time. So, I made it just in time to Cost Less Bolts Pty Ltd and bought myself a small bagfull of fasteners etc. Their prices are substantially better than Bunnings', but you need to know what you want. There's no browsing and maybe a bit of impatience towards the undecided.

The good news: I now own an M12 1000mm threaded rod that I intend to cut down and use as the z-axis drive, and unlike the galvanized ones at Bunnings, this one is actually straight.

Back home, I started out building the z-axis, but - naturally -, realised that I needed different fasteners because the thread inside the linear bearings only goes half-way through (Arrrrr!). I paid a visit to Pen's hardware, but, unfortunately they didn't have the right lengths (Is M5 30mm so unusual??), so, progress will have to wait until Monday.


Justin Templar said...

I love the art work you did in the image.

Thomas said...

Thanks. Limited Edition Prints signed by the artist are available for purchase.