Sunday, 12 September 2010

y-z Sledge

I'm planning to mount the linear bearings for the y-axis and z-axis of the cnc router onto a single MDF board, z-axis bearings on the front, and y-axis bearings on the back. This will make the entire construction more compact, but will require a bit of experimenting.

Here's the plan...

y-z-sledge: The larger blocks are y-axis linear bearings
and the smaller blocks are z-axis linear bearings.

I'll try to compensate for my current lack of precision drilling (I wish I had a cnc router. Hmmm? ... Duh !) by oversizing the holes and using bolts so I can adjust and match position after drilling.


Andy said...

What are you using for your CAD package? I use Solidworks at work, but I'm thinking about learning Google Sketchup for home use. I haven't tried sketchup yet, and have no idea if it would be worth the time to download and play around with enough to be proficient.

Thomas said...

I use SolidWorks. I find the user interface a bit hard to learn but I'm starting to get used to it. Numerous features are hidden somewhere deep down in the mix of context menus, toolbars, toolbar managers, etc, and their help system is, well, un-help-ful. Otherwise it's great for this sort of thing.
I had a brief look at Sketchup a while back and found it wasn't enough for what I wanted to do then.

Andy said...

Yes, Solidworks does have a bit of a learning curve, but it could be worse. I started off using Pro-Engineer quite a while ago, so when I switched to Solidworks it actually seemed easy. I'd like to find a low priced or preferably free 3D package for home use, which is why I asked about Sketchup. I'll have to actually give it a try.